Some References of Best Architecture Schools in the World

Information of best architecture schools in the world will be needed by students who want to be great architects. In this case, there are some references of the best architecture schools. There are some qualifications that make these schools get its label as the best schools for architecture education. In this case, of course its administration standard becomes one of the point. then, Educational programs become other points to see since these are things that will prepare the future architects. Qualification of staffs and lectures also get attention. then, research output, and also job prospects cannot be left behind. Those points are considered to find the best architecture schools.

Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) becomes one of the best architecture schools. This school is famous for its computational design and the sustainable design. The educational programs are oriented in the practice-based and among the staffs, there are some noted architects. Then, there is also Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This institute has become one of the best and most well-known institutes for the field of engineering. Not only architecture, but many programs offered by this institute always get high rank. Many innovations have been made. The costs of studying here may be very high, but it can be categorized as best investments since jobs will be obtained.

Then, California Polytechnic is very well-known for its architecture. The program is more famous than other programs offered by this school. Then, what makes this school get positions among best architecture schools are about its student life and staff. The school has also run for some decades, so there have been experiences and achievements. Barcelona Institute of Architecture becomes the other references. In this school, each student will get balance portions for theory and practices. The staffs of this schools are also international experts. Those are some of the best architecture schools that can be right destinations to be great architects in the future.


Author: Eridiani