Some Names of Best Architects in the World

There are some best architects in the world that people should know. Of course, professional architects and students in architecture programs should know them since they can be great references in becoming good architects. In this case, Antoni Gaudi is one of those best architects. Gaudi dedicated his life for architecture in Barcelona, Spain. Its most famous project is the La Sagra Familia. In his whole career, he was famous with the mixture of several styles. There are elements of Victorian, Gothic, Baroque, and Moorish that can be found in his projects.

Frank Lloyd Wright becomes the next best architects. He was considered as one of the important figure in the architecture of 20th century. In this case, his best and most famous building is the Falling Water. The house is united with the waterfall and the house design is dominated with the design of balcony. Mies Van der Rohe is also great and very influential architect. This German architect is famous for the style of geometric form and minimalism. In his designs, it can found that this architect always had emphasis on the aspect of rationalism and efficiency.

Philip Johnson becomes the other best architect in the world. He was the founding director of Department of Architect in MoMA. With his role, he brought influential impact in the architecture starting from 1935. Glass House becomes one of his masterpieces. This building represented ideas of dissolving the concept of outside-inside and public-private. Among those best architects, there must be Frank Gehry. His works always show the innovative and distinctive concept and this is based on the phenomena that he found. He was famous with his skills in creating spaces and manipulating forms to provide unique designs. Furthermore, there is Ieoh Ming Pei (I.M. Pei) as the other best architects, especially in the modern architecture. He was a Chinese-born architect who studied the field in US. His works are always in the form of unique geometric forms.


Author: Eridiani