Some of the Best Architecture Colleges in India

India has many good colleges, and there are also best architecture colleges in india. Sir J J College of Architecture becomes one of those best colleges. This college has got highest rank in the category of Best Architecture College in India based on the 2013 Outlook-MDRA Poll. This college is located in Mumbai. This college is quite old since it is built around 1857 and the name of its founding father becomes the name of this college. For years, this college always becomes top 3 architecture colleges in India, so its quality is proved. The moment in 2013 becomes the first time for this campus to be the best architecture college.

The other best architecture colleges is Department of Architecture, IIT Roorke. The name of this institute was Thomason College of Engineering when it was built in 1847. Then, the name of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee was given in 2001. There is also Chandigarh College of Architecture. As its name, the college is located in Chandigarh. This college is famous for its education and research in the field of architecture. The college was established in August 7 1961, so there must have been many researches and achievement made by this college.

National Institute of Technology Tiruchirapalli has one of the best architecture departments in India. The department of architecture has existed for around 21 years. In early year, there was only three faculty members and there were many difficulties related to its infrastructure. However, for more than 2 decades, the department can grow and show phenomenal achievements, and become one of the best architecture department in India. The work culture in this place becomes one of the source of the great achievements. Department of Architecture in National Institute of Technology Calicut also becomes one of the best in India. The department of architecture in this institute provides strong platform to make sure that students in this institute can give great contribution in national even, international architecture.


Author: Eridiani