Best Architecture Books that Architects and Students Must Have

For architects, especially students of architecture programs, best architecture books will be needed. There are some great books that can be choices of references. Of course, the books do not only provide students and architects with knowledge, yet there are still many things to obtain from the books. In this case, 101 Things I Learned in Architecture becomes first book to have. This book is written by Mathew Frederick. This is special book for students and it is a must to have this in their collections. This book can provide better and easier ways to understand many language and understandings in architecture. Fresh students will never find problems in reading this book, even this can be a helpful book.

BLDGBLOG Book by Geoff Manaugh  becomes other book as the references. This book provides important information about the history of human explorations, related ot the architecture and also about how human is going to shape the environment. Climate change and city planning are also things to mention in this book and those are things that may also affect the architects. The book is written in entertaining manner, so it will not be big problems to understand the book.

A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Constructions becomes the other books to have. This book provides the reader with practical languages related to the building and planning with the natural consideration. There are many interesting discussion to read, so readers can see the design problems and solution, including the illustrations. Towards a New Architecture by Le Corbusier becomes the other best book in architecture. This can also be one of the best book for the Modern Architecture. Students with interest in modern architecture must have this book to get clear understanding and whole knowledge about this aspect of architecture. There are still many books that can be references and these books of course are the essential to have in the studio, even in the back pack.


Author: Eridiani