Some Names of Best Architects in the World

There are some best architects in the world that people should know. Of course, professional architects and students in architecture programs should know them since they can be great references in becoming good architects. In this case, Antoni Gaudi is one of those best architects. Gaudi dedicated his life for architecture in Barcelona, Spain. Its most famous project is the La Sagra Familia. In his whole career, he was famous with the mixture of several styles. There are elements of Victorian, Gothic, Baroque, and Moorish that can be found in his projects.

Frank Lloyd Wright becomes the next best architects. He was considered as one of the important figure in the architecture of 20th century. In this case, his best and most famous building is the Falling Water. The house is united with the waterfall and the house design is dominated with the design of balcony. Mies Van der Rohe is also great and very influential architect. This German architect is famous for the style of geometric form and minimalism. In his designs, it can found that this architect always had emphasis on the aspect of rationalism and efficiency.

Philip Johnson becomes the other best architect in the world. He was the founding director of Department of Architect in MoMA. With his role, he brought influential impact in the architecture starting from 1935. Glass House becomes one of his masterpieces. This building represented ideas of dissolving the concept of outside-inside and public-private. Among those best architects, there must be Frank Gehry. His works always show the innovative and distinctive concept and this is based on the phenomena that he found. He was famous with his skills in creating spaces and manipulating forms to provide unique designs. Furthermore, there is Ieoh Ming Pei (I.M. Pei) as the other best architects, especially in the modern architecture. He was a Chinese-born architect who studied the field in US. His works are always in the form of unique geometric forms.

Some of the Best Architecture Colleges in India

India has many good colleges, and there are also best architecture colleges in india. Sir J J College of Architecture becomes one of those best colleges. This college has got highest rank in the category of Best Architecture College in India based on the 2013 Outlook-MDRA Poll. This college is located in Mumbai. This college is quite old since it is built around 1857 and the name of its founding father becomes the name of this college. For years, this college always becomes top 3 architecture colleges in India, so its quality is proved. The moment in 2013 becomes the first time for this campus to be the best architecture college.

The other best architecture colleges is Department of Architecture, IIT Roorke. The name of this institute was Thomason College of Engineering when it was built in 1847. Then, the name of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee was given in 2001. There is also Chandigarh College of Architecture. As its name, the college is located in Chandigarh. This college is famous for its education and research in the field of architecture. The college was established in August 7 1961, so there must have been many researches and achievement made by this college.

National Institute of Technology Tiruchirapalli has one of the best architecture departments in India. The department of architecture has existed for around 21 years. In early year, there was only three faculty members and there were many difficulties related to its infrastructure. However, for more than 2 decades, the department can grow and show phenomenal achievements, and become one of the best architecture department in India. The work culture in this place becomes one of the source of the great achievements. Department of Architecture in National Institute of Technology Calicut also becomes one of the best in India. The department of architecture in this institute provides strong platform to make sure that students in this institute can give great contribution in national even, international architecture.

Best Architecture Software for Architecture Students and Professional Architects

Nowadays, architects and students in architecture programs use computer to make design, and of course, the best architecture software will be needed. In this case, best architectural software can be so helpful to provide easier access to make better designs. There are also many helpful features to make sure that the imaginations can be made into great designs. Microstation becomes one of the best software. This software is great because this can provide stability when it is used for creating design. This software is also famous because it can be used and operated easily.

ArchiCAD become other reference of the best software. This software can be operated to make both the 2D and also 3D projects. This software is also good choice for the architecture students and early designers, because this software provides friendly user interface and it is easy to find features and menus in this software, so it is not a big problem to operate the whole functions of the software. There is also Chief Architect. This software is great for making and designing 3-Dimentional designs. Many automated tools are provided by this software, so it is much easier to make design. Remodeling design can also be easy to do. Although it is great for 3 dimensional designs, this software is great for 2D and £D designs.

AutoCAD Architecture can also be one of the great architecture software. Architect must have been so familiar with AutoCAD since this is one of the most common software for designing. In this case, the AutoCAD Architecture is the version of AutoCAD and it is especially dedicated for architecture. There are many features to helps architects in making draft more efficiently. The access of this software is also similar to the AutoCAD, so there will be no problems in operating this software. Vectorworks Architecture, Autodesk Revit and many other software are also great architectural software.

Best Architecture Books that Architects and Students Must Have

For architects, especially students of architecture programs, best architecture books will be needed. There are some great books that can be choices of references. Of course, the books do not only provide students and architects with knowledge, yet there are still many things to obtain from the books. In this case, 101 Things I Learned in Architecture becomes first book to have. This book is written by Mathew Frederick. This is special book for students and it is a must to have this in their collections. This book can provide better and easier ways to understand many language and understandings in architecture. Fresh students will never find problems in reading this book, even this can be a helpful book.

BLDGBLOG Book by Geoff Manaugh  becomes other book as the references. This book provides important information about the history of human explorations, related ot the architecture and also about how human is going to shape the environment. Climate change and city planning are also things to mention in this book and those are things that may also affect the architects. The book is written in entertaining manner, so it will not be big problems to understand the book.

A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Constructions becomes the other books to have. This book provides the reader with practical languages related to the building and planning with the natural consideration. There are many interesting discussion to read, so readers can see the design problems and solution, including the illustrations. Towards a New Architecture by Le Corbusier becomes the other best book in architecture. This can also be one of the best book for the Modern Architecture. Students with interest in modern architecture must have this book to get clear understanding and whole knowledge about this aspect of architecture. There are still many books that can be references and these books of course are the essential to have in the studio, even in the back pack.

Some References of Best Architecture Schools in the World

Information of best architecture schools in the world will be needed by students who want to be great architects. In this case, there are some references of the best architecture schools. There are some qualifications that make these schools get its label as the best schools for architecture education. In this case, of course its administration standard becomes one of the point. then, Educational programs become other points to see since these are things that will prepare the future architects. Qualification of staffs and lectures also get attention. then, research output, and also job prospects cannot be left behind. Those points are considered to find the best architecture schools.

Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) becomes one of the best architecture schools. This school is famous for its computational design and the sustainable design. The educational programs are oriented in the practice-based and among the staffs, there are some noted architects. Then, there is also Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This institute has become one of the best and most well-known institutes for the field of engineering. Not only architecture, but many programs offered by this institute always get high rank. Many innovations have been made. The costs of studying here may be very high, but it can be categorized as best investments since jobs will be obtained.

Then, California Polytechnic is very well-known for its architecture. The program is more famous than other programs offered by this school. Then, what makes this school get positions among best architecture schools are about its student life and staff. The school has also run for some decades, so there have been experiences and achievements. Barcelona Institute of Architecture becomes the other references. In this school, each student will get balance portions for theory and practices. The staffs of this schools are also international experts. Those are some of the best architecture schools that can be right destinations to be great architects in the future.